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The Porsche 911.  A classic.  The “quintessential sports car”.

Instantly recognisable and instantly appreciated by drivers and non-drivers alike, by designers and non-designers as much for it’s aesthetic quality as the technical specification it boasts.  A testament to all of the designers and engineers that have been involved over the seven generations of 911 that in 2013 the car turns 50 years old.

Porsche 1
A great example of iteration in design, tweaking and refining the 911 model as materials and technologies improve, as well as keeping up with fashion and motoring style across five decades.  The collection has spawned a seemingly infinite number of variations of the Turbo, GT2, GT3, S, RS, SC (and more) if you look into it!

the 911 reconciles apparent contradictions such as sportiness and everyday practicality, tradition and innovation, exclusivity and social acceptance, design and functionality

Porsche 2

Porsche 5

Porsche are celebrating with a variety of events throughout the…

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