5 Signs You Should Break Up With Your Boyfriend NOW by Nova Giovanni

Hello, loyal reader. Nova Giovanni is back with more Ramen Noodle Soup for Your Soul. Ladies, have you been on the fence on whether you should really be with your boyfriend or not? I’m here to help you make that decision. If your current boyfriend displays any of these signs, you should dump him.


He is a Bum – As far as he is concerned, you’re his free meal ticket. Your boyfriend has turned your happy home into a soup kitchen. He isn’t working and he isn’t trying to. He probably keeps you satisfied by pursuing some pipe dream and/or attending college classes with no real intentions of graduating. You go to work, he is laying around. You come home from work, he is laying around. If he isn’t laying around, he is using your car and other resources. Dump him.


He is Insecure and Controlling – He wants to know your every move and why. He goes through your things. He accuses you of being dishonest and constantly questions you. He isn’t just your boyfriend, he is your probation officer. He has too much time on his hands and too little confidence. Dump him.


He Doesn’t Take Care of His Children – I hope you aren’t planning on starting a family with a man that doesn’t take care of the children he already has. In fact, I hope you aren’t even entertaining a man that falls into this category. If he makes time for you, and none for his children – that is enough proof he isn’t the man for you or anyone else. It really proves he isn’t a man at all. Don’t enable a deadbeat. Dump him.


His Mother is Too Involved – Every time there is an issue, he runs to his mother. Next time he runs to her, let him stay there. Evidently, he never grew up. It is as if you’re dating him and his mother. Let him go sleep with his mother! Dump him!


You Aren’t Compatible – Look at your relationship as it is now. Would you like to have this type of relationship for the rest of your life or are you in a sub par relationship hoping things will one day get better? They won’t. Things will most likely get worse before they get better. DUMP HIM!


I know you don’t like being alone. However, you’ll never have the man you truly deserve if you have a man that doesn’t deserve you taking up the space he should have. Nova Knows.


“Just Dump Him” -Nike


I Love You,

Nova Giovanni



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