Top 10 Private Jets by Wealthy Nigerians

1. Type: Falcons 7X. Price: $51m(N8.2billio­n)
Owner: Mike Adenuga

2. Type: Bombardier Global 6000
Price $45.5m(N7.3bill­ion)
Owner: Sayyu Dantata CEO MRS OIL

3. Type: Bombardier Global Express 5000
Price: $45m(N7.2billio­n)
Owner: Aliko Dangote

4. Type: Gulfstream G550
Price: $40m(N6.4billio­n)
Owner: Bishop Oyedepo

5. Type: Gulfstream V Price: $30m(N4.8billio­n)
Owner: Bishop Oyedepo

6.Type: Gulfstream V Price: $30m(N4.8billio­n)
Owner: Pastor Adeboye

7. Type: Bombardier Challenger 604 Price: $30m(N4.8b)
Owner: Mike Adenuga

8. Type: Embracer Legacy 650 Price: $30m (N4.8b)
Owner: Ifeanyi Uba

9. Type: Hawker 900XP Price: $20m(N3.2b)
Owner Mr Kashim

10. Type: Hawker 900XP Price: $20m(N3.2b)
Owner: Sir Aremu Johnson

11. Gulfstream G450 Price: $15m(N2.4b)
Owner: Bishop David Oyedepo

12. LearJet Price: $13.3m (N2.1b)
Owner: Bishop Oyedepo

13. LearJet Price: $13.3m (N2.1b)
Owner: Dr Kashim

Who says there is no money in Nigeria? By the way, Nigerian Christians own the highest number of jets…(and so???)

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