“It was the November of 2007.
I just came back to Nigeria and vacating in Lagos. Between 7 and 8pm as I was going to
Alaba international market. The traffic gridlock from Agboju to Ojo military cantonment was the type we never saw before.

Inside the bus I was heavily dressed with gold chains and looking hippy as a young guy that just came back with nostalgic feelings toward my country.

Since it was towards the end of November, I heard loud shots which I mistook as fire crackers or knock outs since Nigerians are in the habit of throwing knock outs during the ember months.
Before I could say Jack Robinson, a young armed robber jumped into our vehicle.
Since I was new to Lagos and not knowing it was a constant attacks on that road, I did not know how violent the man would be and I could not hide behind the seats since I was big and heavy.

The armed robber brought out his gun while his partners in crime were robbing all moving cars in front and behind us. He robbed everyone and when he came to me he shouted”I will kill you, I will shoot you, give me all you have”. As I looked at him, I heard a silent voice and I started saying”THE BLOOD OF JESUS”.

As the boy looked at me and kept shouting”I kill you, I shoot you”. I kept saying”THE BLOOD OF JESUS”.
As I tried to bring out the gold chain I wore, the silent voice said”Son do not give him anything”. So I kept saying”THE BLOOD OF JESUS” and the thief stepped back, robbed everyone and left me without collecting a kobo from me.

When those in the car got up, they was wailing and chaos and everyone asked why I was not robbed even when I was the most expensively dressed. I told them”THE BLOOD OF JESUS”

For several months, that experience haunted me. I was afraid but grateful to Jesus Christ.

I have seen these days how people use the social media to attack the bible, Christianity, Catholicism or the Church. But one big thing the bible left us is Christ.

I do not ask you to be a christian if you do not like the pastors and priest. But God has left us THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST as a saving platform.

I do not ask you not to condemn the bible or Jesus Christ or even place occult religions or African religions or Eastern thoughts above Jesus Christ. But think first before you condemn what you do not know. There is power in the BLOOD OF JESUS, a power which no name or religion has.

I am not writing this as a religious or born again. I’m not born again and I do not understand the Nigerian concept of born again-ism. I’m writing through my personal experience and journeys in life as a Catholic.

I just stumbled into a verse in the bible”If God loves you, He will reveal Himself to you and start to teach you”

Will anyone say my experience was and is gibberish?” -Dunstan Ukaga

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