R18: Dame Caucus Sex Blog

Writing under the Alias, Dame Valuta, she created her Blog and named it Dame’s Caucus. The intention was to create a forum where she could churn out short stories that people would/ could relate to; basing most of the stories on true-life experiences. She never envisaged that her Blog would eventually earn the tag “Sex Blog” as most of her growing numbers of readers have now termed it.

As to be expected, people have questioned the rationale behind her blogging explicitly sexual stories and her response to these questions is quite interesting.

“…Not everyone can blog about Fashion, Entertainment, Gossip and Politics. There are quite a number of people who do that pretty well and are making a living out of it. I never set out to blog about sex. It just happened. I wrote a story that had some sexual scenes and the response I got from my readers was beyond amazing. It would surprise you to know that I got more encouragement from women in the beginning. I was getting emails, Blackberry messages, facebook inbox and Twitter mails asking me to write more stories and make them steamier.  I discussed it with my husband; he didn’t seem to mind, so I began to ‘juice up’ the stories on my blog. I must admit, thus far, the response has been truly awesome! I jokingly like to think that my blog is improving the reading habits of Adults… and somewhat educating them on ‘certain’ issues…”

In a country, known for its firm, albeit somewhat jaded, clutch on traditional ethics and cultural beliefs, a woman who writes about sex so brazenly, is often-times regarded as ‘Tainted’ whether married or not.  But Valuta does not mind this. She sums it all in one simple sentence…

“We are a hypocritical lot, whether we chose to accept it or not”. 

Truth be told, Valuta’s blog is not strictly a site for erotic stories. It is a site for STORIES, period. Be it fiction, true stories or even contributions from her readers. It is a place where stories are crafted simply and humorously, sucking in the reader’s imagination and heightening their senses to exhilarating proportions. It is no fault of hers that readers tend to respond more to posts that are erotically-themed. In this era of “50 Shades” and its popularity world-wide, small wonder.

Dame’s Caucus is a blog where one can relax, kick-back and read select stories from a creative mind. To sneer in disdain or become an addicted fan is a matter of personal choice. The U.K and U.S boldly hype E.L. James, author of the 50 Shades Trilogy; why shouldn’t we do same for one of our own?

To view the stories by Valuta on Dame’s Caucus, visit http://www.norgist.wordpress.com

About the blogger:
Born Victoria Aluta, in Lagos – Nigeria, she ventured into the burgeoning Nigerian Entertainment Industry in the latter part of 2005 as a screenwriter. Better known as Valuta, (an acronym of her Name and Surname), she has worked with renowned Nollywood producers and directors like Zeb Ejiro, Opa Williams, Charles Novia, Kingsley Ogoro, Tunde Oloyede and many others and has several Nigerian radio/ television dramas and Movies to her credit.

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