Have you heard of #UnashamedImpact ?

The Unashamed Impact Take Over:

A global movement uniting this generation in Christ. 1 Timothy 4:12

Founder: Mrs. Brittney Moses
Via :
Facebook (UnashamedImpact)
Twitter (@UnashamedImpact , @Brittney_Moses & #UnashamedImpact)
Instagram (@BrittneyMoses)
and YouTube

Here is my story of how I found out about this wonderful/blessed movement:

I happen to be on twitter reading some tweets and something Mrs. Brittany Moses said had caught my attention. After it did, I clicked on her profile. When I read her Bio, I quickly followed her. I realized I had  found a Godly Young Lady ,to kind of ,look up to as a sis. I know it sounds crazy , but I was drawn to her.

After I found her site, I was even more happier, because I stumbled across her movement “Unashamed Impact”.

The movement according to her , is to bring all of God’s Unashamed followers together, and shine upon a dark world ( in my own words not hers).

God is truly blessing her movement. Unashamed Impact’s Twitter page already has more than 5000 followers. and by the hour its growing. 

Check out her webpage too: http://www.brittneymoses.com
U will be blessed!

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