10 Tips on How to Look Good When Travelling

1) Begin by avoiding additional stress. Even before you set out on a long trip, be sure to do everything needed well in advance.

2) Wear a pair of fitted sweat pants, so you can stay comfortable while looking somewhat presentable.

3) Wear a light fitted top, but carry a sweatshirt with you (airplanes tend to be cold inside).

4) Never wear new shoes on a trip. Limping is not flattering.

5) Wear slip-on shoes or shoes you can take off easily (you may have to take them off in the airport for security reasons).

6) Wear socks, so your feet don’t get cold. (And so you don’t have any problem with odour when you take them off for security!)

7) Bring some moisturizer or an atomizer so that your skin won’t be dry and pale.

8) Carry breath mints to freshen your breath and brush teeth to get rid of built up gunk

9) Don’t smoke. The odor will linger all over you and irritate your fellow passengers and you’ll arrive smelling stale.

10) Choose good luggage that works for you when carrying it. Don’t buy luggage that is heavy when it is empty.

Finally, try to smile a lot, people will want to be around you if you do.

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